Sacred Heart Convent School Nalimbi


1. All Pupils must be regular and punctual to school activities. The students must reach the school at least ten minutes before the first bell, after which main gate will be closed. Late comers are liable to be sent home at the parent's own risk.

2. All Pupils should be habitually clean and neatly dressed.

3. Books, note-books, bags, tiffin box etc, should bear the name and class of the owner. The school is not responsible for any such thing that gets lost.

4. Please see that children bring with them their tiffin box, pen, pencil, books etc. when they come to school. No arrangements will be made to send these things to the students during woking hours if brought by parents, servants or others.

5. Pupils are expected to come to school provided with all that is necessary for the days works. Borrowing or lending of pencils, erasers, rulers etc., is discouraged.

6. Pupils should be particularly careful not to throw anything like papers anywhere in the school premises. They should use the buckets and bins specially provided for this purpose.

7. Silence must be observed outside the principal's office.

8. Pupil shall always greet teachers. elders and friends in a pleasant tone or voice, whenever they meet them, in school or outside. they shall be polite in speaking with one another, using the four magic words, viz, please, Thank you, Sorry and Excuse me. They should always avoid the use of slang and common expressions.

9. No jewellery real or artificial is to be worn to school. A simple gold or silver ring or stud may be worn on the ear. The school is not responsible for the lost ornaments.

10. Care must be taken of all school property and no one should scratch or spoil desks, benches. chairs or damage any school furniture. The students should avoid defacing the wall or floor of the school by writing or drawing anything on them.

11. Parents are not allowed to visit their wards or teachers in the Classroom during the school hours.

12. Running, Playing Shouting inside the school building is not allowed

13. Pupils are not allowed to bring razor, toys or any other instruments to the school.

14. No present or demonstration to a teacher is allowed without the previous consent of the school authorities

15. Students should never sit on the teacher's chair in the classroom or desk.

16. No books, pamphlets video cassettes, CDs,Periodicals or other literature ofa ny kind that has not been approved by the school authorities is to be brought into the school.

17. Finger nails must be cut short and kept clean.

18. Girls should keep their hair neatly bobbed. Hair bands must be used. Boys should keep their hair short and neat.

19. Parents are requested to check the Dairy every day. Ensure that instruction is being fallowed by their wards properly.

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