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Sacred Heart Convent High School Nalimbi is a Christian minority educational institution founded and managed by the Sisters Of The Sacred Heart Congregation (Vimala Province , Kanjirappally, Kerala) through a registered body 'Sacred Heart Trust of Nasik' in June 1990. It is under the religious jurisdiction of the Roman Catholic Bishop of Kalyan in the state of Maharashtra. Its purpose is to give an all round education: academic, physical, moral and spiritual to the children irrespective of religion, race or language, in so far as is consonant with Catholic principles


The cross in the emblem stands for prayer and service. The heart stands for the Heart of Jesus which is the seat of unique love. The swan inside it, is the Indian symbol of purity and innocence, holiness and message. Abiding in the Sacred Heart, the students have to imbibe fully the innocence, the message of love from it and like heavenly swans transmit them to others. The book signifies knowledge and wisdom. The lamp tells us that the students are the lamps radiating light of wisdom to millions who are still in darkness. The centre of the emblem is made up of the three initial letters, of the Sacred Heart Convent School, S.H.C.S. The body of the swan is formed by the letter 'S' and the heart which surrounds the swan is formed by the letter 'H' and the wings of the swan are formed by the letter 'C'


To mould the younger generation, irrespective of caste or creed to attain an integrated personality through holistic education.


To reach out to the star of perfection through an earnest academic pursuit for excellence. To enable the children to face the realities of life with a serene mind. To instill human values to be socially concerned. To orient the children to live in the presence of God.


Compassionate Love of Sacred Heart of Jesus Sacred Heart symbolizes Jesus Christ, the Supreme Guru and the Guiding light of the world. The school is dedicated to His choicest blessings


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